About us


We are a family with a dream to travel in Africa. There are five of us:

  • Hugo, the man behind the wheel and a guy with nerves of steel, it takes guts to take a whole year off work to travel the unknown
  • Dorette, the navigator, cook, tent pitcher (okay, not just me, might have some help from the muscle man above and the two monkeys below), teacher and blogger ( I hate that word though, sounds like boogers, let’s call me an author…)
  • Gustav, 8 years old and very excited to miss school for a whole year, he is hoping to learn to drive
  • Sophia, 5 years old, she wants to make lots of books about the experience and all the animals
  • Our green Metalian Maxi trailer
  • Last but not least, Petronella, our trusted green 1996 4.5litre GX Toyota Landcruiser, named after her thirst for petrol.

We have been “jumping borders” for the last seven years having lived in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. The plan is to start travelling and Jump a few African Borders in February 2015 and visit all or some of the following countries:

  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Mozambique
  • Malawi
  • Zambia
  • Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Burundi
  • Kenya

As an aside, I apparently need to pay royalties to my brother who named both our Expedition and our Cruiser. Pieter, consider yourself paid.

2 responses to “About us

  1. Hi, great trip reports and fantastic trip, very brave with the kids out of school bit. We did an east africa trip 2010 for 3 months and had some very similar experiences.
    Would you mind me asking what insurance you are travelling on as we are finding Cross Country exceptionally expensive, I read your comment about your insurance not covering further north than the equator, interesting! Enjoy Marble Hall should be nice and warm>>
    Regards, Jimmy Adamson

    • Hallo Jimmy
      We’ve used Tuff Stuff for insurance but my husband found a company in Holland willing to insure us above the equator: Alessi.
      Happy New Year to you and yours!

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