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Tanzania Part VIII – The last few days…

Another beautiful sunset in Tanzania

By now, we are all quite comfortable saying a few basic words in Swahili:

Hello – Jambo / Mambo / Habari; Reply – Jambo / Poa / Nzuri / Nzuri sana; White person – Mzungu; Your are welcome – Karibu; Thank you – Asanta sana. Continue reading

Tanzania Part VII – Zanzibar


After our eventful boat trip to Zanzibar, we finally reached Kendwa Rocks Hotel, as recommended by our travel guide and other travelers. We still can not get used to the prices that hotels and lodges in Africa charge and what you actually get for the price. It just doesn’t compute. Kendwa Rocks was more of the same, five star prices at two star service, food, facilities and accommodation. Continue reading

Tanzania Part VI – Peponi Beach

maasai village-5

Driving from Serengeti to Karatu, we had to pass through the Ngorongoro conservation area again, and paid US$ 160 for the privilege. You don’t go into the park itself, see no wild animals, only drive along its boundaries, a massive rip-off. Continue reading