Kenya Part II – Nairobi

5 – 14 August 2015



The first part of the road from Maasai Mara to Nairobi was horrible. Mainly because of the bad corrugation but also due to the crazy drivers bringing guests from Nairobi to the Park. They had no fear, speeding on the gravel road at speeds that would have me make them stop and let me out if I was one of their passengers. I’d rather take my chances with lions and elephants; I’m sure it would be safer that way.

Once we reached the tarred road, the road surface was a little better but we were still surrounded by mad people, this time they were also driving big trucks. We left the valley behind and started climbing up a mountain with a very narrow road with a straight drop to the bottom. We pulled off at a viewpoint with a few curio shops. The view down into the Great Rift Valley was amazing, despite the clouds of smoke hanging in the air (people burn the grass believing it would improve the quality of the soil and grass for grazing purposes).

In Nairobi we found our home-away-from-home at Jungle Junction with owners Chris and Diana and their beautiful children Chantelle, Thalia and Zuri. They run a guesthouse and camping grounds and supply a long term vehicle storage facility for overlanders, there were maybe thirty vehicles waiting for the next safari. Chris also runs a workshop where he can sort out anything with wheels.

Gustav and Sophia did not want to leave here, they had so much fun with Thalia and Zuri, playing from sunrise till long after sunset. They went on bike rides in the neighbourhood with Chris, played for hours with modelling clay, watched movies on rainy days and ran around.

We spent nine days here and used it as a base to sort out my laptop at DHL (it took five of those days!), have a few things done on Petronella, stock up on supplies, have my one camera cleaned, and for Hugo to fly out for an interview (all will be revealed in due course).

We spent a few rainy days in front of the fire-place with many newly acquired friends. Bart (Dutch) and Jasmin (Finnish) are on a trip around Africa, coming down on the west coast and now heading north on the east coast. They were waiting for their Ethiopia visas. Go check out their blog on Bobotie-Time.

Alan and Denise is a South African couple on a similar trip as us. They also had some work done on their car, left jungle junction for Aberdare, and were back two days later with another niggle. They also have a blog Africa through our Eyes. We got many good tips from them, and as we are now more or less on the same route going South, Denise is kind enough to keep sending updates and tips. We hope to catch up with them soon for old times’ sake.

Uwe Schmidt is from Cape Town and on a permanent trip around Africa on his BMW motorbike. He was a wealth of information and sent us to Peponi Beach near Tanga where we struggled to leave.

So can I go on, many people passed through here during our stay, we spent many happy hours chatting with everyone. Denise and I were commenting on how fantastic it is to meet so many like-minded people, back home they tend to think we are all a bit cuckoo.

When we finally left Nairobi, we went to Lake Naivasha on Denise’s suggestion. We were surprised to learn that Chris and Diana also planned a weekend there. Luckily they didn’t mind us stalking them so the children had a bonus three days spending with their friends.


Camp Carnelley’s on Lake Naivasha were set on lush green kikuyo grass under a forrest of yellow fever trees. We did nothing for three days long, again! We are getting used to this type of life, I have no idea how will ever lead a “normal” life when this year is done.Naivasha-2


After a lazy three days here, we headed towards Aberdare National Park. We heard you could see Mount Kenia from there on a clear day. Let’s hope…

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