Jumping Borders

We love Africa. Always have and always will. When we were young and beautiful we always said we will never leave, and that was in a period when everyone who could was out the door faster than you could say “Why don’t we rather go on Safari?”.  People looked at us strangely, we were young, professionally qualified with sought after qualifications, still we said no. But life is full off surprises and before you know it we were living in Dubai with our one-year old son, Gustav.

That was our first border jump. Then after just under three years it was off to Hong Kong, this time with a baby girl of almost two years old as well. And after that, Singapore. It is now seven years later.

We are happy, we actually love the expat life, the children are in a fantastic school, we enjoy travelling in the region, we have made wonderful friends in all three cities, but during all this time, Africa was beckoning. My parents love the bush and Africa and especially the Kruger Park where we went many, many times and so instilled a love for nature in all four their children (well, to be honest, all of us can also appreciate the luxuries of a Five Star Hotel on a paradise island). Oh, the smell of the bush and the campfires and the roar of lions in the distance. I remember in the evenings the Park would show open air movies once the sun went down, mainly about the Serengeti and The Great Migration, while you could hear real lions and hyenas and jackal in the distance. I loved that! I wanted to make those movies. I wanted to go on those trips. I wanted to be those people and camp in the wild, untamed Africa. That was just a little girl’s dream that came and went with regular intervals but the idea of going further north and see more of Africa stayed.

I met my wonderful, handsome (really!) husband while studying. He loved a different type of outdoors, boating, fishing, motorbiking, water skiing, off-roading. He introduced me to his passions and I taught him to love the bush. We decided we liked each other, liked each others’ interests, decided it is compatible, got married (I always jokingly said I will follow him to the end of the earth, never imagining that it might come true…) and started dreaming together of exploring Africa. One day…

After seven years as expats we, or rather the husband, better known as The Boss (his name is Hugo, get it? Hugo Boss?), decided we have had enough of the rat race, it is time to pack up our stuff and head back South. We suspect it might have something to do with his age and if we wait a while the feeling might pass, but when else will we do it? So he informed his employers, we told the family and last week we told the children. They were devastated at first at the thought of leaving their school and friends, which surprised us as both of them always said they want to move to “Africa”. Then we told them they will not have to go to school for a whole year and all was forgotten! They are now excited with us and plan with us and dream with us and watch YouTube with us. We haven’t told them yet that there is such a thing as home-schooling, let them dream a while…

That’s it. We will be continuing to Jump Borders, not in Asia and the Middle East anymore, but this time in Africa. We will finish 2014 in Singapore, celebrate Christmas with our loved ones, and then start packing to travel for 10 or 11 months in the Southern and Eastern parts of Africa. We did not give ourselves a lot of time to plan and there is a lot of work to be done, people usually plan this kind of trip 12-18 months in advance. We have six. We can not wait.




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  1. feel almost sick with envy Dorette !!!!! best of luck for this amazing adventure and your move HOME. xxx

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